Bambini Ovunque Research Presentation in CCB (Belém Cultural Center), Lisboa, 2023
The research was conducted by children aged 10-14 as part of the Architectural Thinking School educational program. Students explored the past and present of street games and then develop their own games. The outcome of the research will be the creation of a catalog of new street games called 'BAMBINI OVUNQUE: Game Collection for Venice Biennale 2024. New Trends.' These games can be played with their designers during the BAMBINI OVUNQUE happening at the Biennale's opening on April 17th.

Research and Design Programme

  1. Contemporary Art

Introduction to the goals of the project. Excursion to the contemporary art gallery.

2. Venice Biennale

Introduction to the history of the Venice Biennale, analysis of the theme of the art Biennale 2024. Development of ideas for national pavilions.

3. Homo Ludens: Game in Culture, Art and Philosophy

Dive into the world of philosophy. Exploration of Johan Huizinga work. Panel session on attitudes towards childhood throughout history.
Life and Game
Life and Game
Life and Game
Life and Game
Life and Game
Children and Grownups
on Children Everywhere Happening
on Children Everywhere Happening

4. Contemporary Art: Performance

Exploration of the world of contemporary art, performance art and happenings. Experimenting and creating own pieces.

5. Games of the Past: Analyses

Development of a questionnaire. Game testing. Game analysis.
Red River
Simon Says
Snap the Whip

6. Games of Today: Analyses

Game testing. Game analysis.

7. Infographic

Introduction to infographics.

8. New Street Games Design

Designing, testing, presenting
Game presentation: Protest at the Pink House
Game presentation: Dohromady Frázi
Game presentation: Dictator
Game presentation: Chicken Dodgeball
Game presentation: Failed Challenge of Satan
Game presentation: Eye

9. Street Games Design: Infographic and texts

10. Preparation for the exhibition

Exhibition in Belém Cultural Center

17th of December 2023. CCB, Lisbon

0+ Happening Test in Lisbon

CCB, Lisbon
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